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Creating Myriad Opportunities for Businesses


Alex Borutskiy

Chatbots are fast becoming a necessity in business interactions. From the very basic ones that collect information and ask preformed questions to ones powered by AI that communicate as close to a human as is currently allowed by technology, chat bots are designed to enhance efficiencies, reduce redundancies and save precious human hours.

Chatbots have achieved the next level. iME Messenger for Telegram app is the world's first decentralized messenger on hybrid neural networks. The bots, when deployed, can actively participate in chats by suggesting multiple phrases that keep the conversation interesting. Non-commercial, or fun bots, can help individual users spice up their daily conversations.

The messenger has its own currency. AiCoins are the transactional tokens on the iMe platform and may be used to pay for advertising and marketing. AiCoins can also be bought via Google Pay as well on the AppStore.

A few weeks ago, Pavel Durov was forced by US authorities to stop issuing Telegram's TON tokens, but the messenger on neural networks is taking the promise of a decentralized ecosystem forward and are issuing AiCoins that have already become a means of payment for advertising and marketing services in Telegram channels and groups.

The ecosystem also presents a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into an exclusive target audience to market and advertise their products and services. By creating commercial neurobots which can then be deployed by individual users, companies can utilize competitive budgets to reach out naturally to the intended target audience. Marketing is completely organic as if recommendations are coming from a trusted person, rather than a faceless marketing agency or company.

The project is inviting entrepreneurs and existing businesses to explore the opportunities of marketing and advertising using AI-powered neurobot technology.

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